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Thursday, May 24, 2012


Yes I know…. I kinda fell off the face of blogger world. During my M.I.A. status in blogger world I was out in the Real world just doing what I do best playing the Game of Life. I have so much to say but I don’t want to bore you all at one time…So I will be telling it all one dose at a time!
  So as I pondered on what to write about today I thought about what the most important thing to me at the moment was…. And the winner is Weight Loss!!! Since getting married I had gained about 20 pounds….I am not blaming it all on getting married because I ate a lot of chicken curry and rice on my own before my Latino hubby introduced  me to a whole new world of food filled with arroz y abechuela y carne! So I faced the facts that yes I let eating yummy food get the best of me.So I decided it was time to execute a plan!! So what did I do?
     I did juicing!!! Of course with the help of my hubby it was a lot easier than having to do it on my own. So for 12 days I juiced for breakfast, lunch and dinner the results was I lost about 10 pounds and I felt better than ever!!! I was inspired by the documentary “FAT Sick and Nearly Dead” and let me just tell you I did that over 3 months ago and I haven’t seen those number on the scale go up at all! This was all I needed to motivate myself to loose more weight!!
My next move is teaching myself how to run! I know that sounds ridicules since you learn to run when you’re a toddler, but its hard running for fitness, especially with the two twins that God has blessed ME with...If you know what I mean!! But I will do it! I will continue to try to run a little further every day until I can run around my entire block without stopping and walking!! By running and eating a low calorie diet is how I plan on loosing the next 10 pounds!! I will keep you updated on how its going…. So here is my dose for the day. Now Marinate on that! I’m just playing I just always wanted to say that… lol .Please share any ideas that you might have on weight loss or any words of encouragement because I need it all!!!