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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My weekend

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First off I am so proud to say that im a college graduate! Even though I already started school again before graduation last Friday night I am glad I did that I am done with one degree. I finally have my AS in medical assisting. the graduation was a blast everything was going perfect until 20min before leaving the house for graduation, the zipper of my classy white dress sister had to think fast and had to safety pin the entire back of my dress the only worry was that the safety pins would come un pinned and stab me in my back like an ex best friend would lol! Anyways...Saturday was also a very eventful day. In the morning I watched my husband get down and dirty while changing his break pads and then we headed to my Grandmothers 75th birthday! It was definitely the event of the year it was better than the Royal Wedding and indeed my grandmother looked like a queen and got the "all eyes on her “attention that she deserved! It felt amazing to sit back and soak in all the love and happiness that blanketed my grandmother’s home that day. It was a day the im sure the whole family will treasure forever! On Sunday my husband worked really hard on finishing the patio/gazebo project for me...the end result was exactly how I imagined, a place to unwind and enjoy the serenity of the outdoors. Since I am not at home I am unable to post my pics so as soon as I get home ill be posting! Hope everyone has a great week! peace n love to all. Oh yea I got a new hair style/color which I am in love with! I’ll post pics.

My Graduation!!! AS in Medical Assisting

Some of the fam

Lovely Grandma


Process 1

Process 2

Finished Product

My outdoor Chill Spot

Thursday, June 16, 2011

June is here!!!

June is here! There are so many things going on its unbelievable. A few things on my agenda include Father’s Day, my 7th year Anniversary at my job, my Graduation(Associate in science in medical assisting), and my Grandmothers 75th birthday. I will post pictures of each event to keep you updated. I am super excited for my Grandmothers birthday she will be turning 75 years old it will be the first big gathering that we have had in years at her house. You see my family is not an ordinary family. It consist of my grandmothers eight daughters and one son(RIP) who all got married, which in result produced my 28 cousins and 21 great grandkids, and the family is still growing! Having a big family has its pros and it cons, for instance I enjoyed growing up with all my cousins and building life lasting memories with them. The cons can include the obsessive juicy gossiping that takes place on a day to day basis which can lead to hurt feelings and that thing that my family is full of, DRAMA! Overall family are the people you can’t live without and the people who will be there no matter what! Can’t wait to see everyone! Lets enjoy June, everyone do something different this summer…Go for a boat drive, read a book at the beach…Enjoy the sun!!!
  Hope everyone has a great Thursday!!!!!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My First Anniversary Present

It all started last August. I was sitting in my office at work when I saw my husband walking down the hall with something in his hand."Happy Anniversary Babe" my hubby said to me. "Is that for me" I squeeled! In his hand was the cutest little pupppy that I had ever seen. He was so tiny; he shook as my husband handed him to me. He stayed with me all day at work,we decided to name him Roscko. As soon as I got out of work I immeditly speed to the nearest pet store and bought him a leash,cage, and a spiky collar (I wanted him to look bad to the bone) lol. Later that night we decided to change his name to Rocko the name seemed to pair better with his face. My husband I were blinded by his adorable little figure that we allowed him to sleep with us that night instead of his cage.He is digusted at the site of the cage!Little did we know,when reading about his breed (Min Pin) on the web I discovered that they were known as the "King" of the toy breeds which mean he is a stubburn,overly energetic,pup!
Here we are 11 months later and that little rat is still sleeping with us in our bed! He is a complete bed hogger and is very grouchy when I trying moving him away from me. He snores and he has doggy night mares! What can I say he is just like his mommy! Through these 11 months Rocko has destroyed our carpet, laundry room, shredded a cage full of towels, and has mauled at the door in our guest bathroom! He turned out to be a handful and a half,but we still love him. We spoil him to pieces everyday he drives in the car with us to Tampa, and we drop him off at daycare (my mother in laws house) while we are working then we pick him up before we go home. For the most part Rocko is now "potty trained"(Thank God)". He also performs tricks such as Sit, Lay down, stay, and he can also give you his paw. Today is Rockos first birthday which means hes seven in dog years. My baby is growing too fast!Happy Birthday Rocko! You are truly the best anniversary present yet! Check out the fab cupcake squeeky toy I got rocko for his bday!
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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thirty in Three Months

Weight, it’s all part of The Game of Life. . You eat and instead of gaining points you gain more pounds.
 I'm done! I'm done with the I'm fat ritual preformed every morning in my house. I drop all my clothes and jump on the scale, it's repulsive! I dont know why I'm so surprised by the number on the scale when I eat  food as if it is going out of style!
I have been saying I want to loose weight since....well FOREVER! It's time to stop making all the excuses and just do it! So I have decided to join my cousins in a "Low Carb Diet"  I can eat as much meat as I want but I have to cut out all the rice! I'm going to do this no matter what it takes. My plan is to loose 10 pounds every month my first goal is going to be 30 pounds in 3 months. This plan sounds a lot more feasible to me.
 I think every girl should  feel comfortable in her skin and quiet honestly I don’t feel very comfortable in my skin and the reason is because I know I can look and feel way better about my self than I already do! Don’t get me wrong I know I'm hot I just want to be hotter. LOL! I want to feel comfortable going to the beach and most importantly fit in to all the jeans I have in my closet. Eventually I would like to produce a kid or two and a big belly on top of my muffin top is just something I will not let happen so before something appears in my belly all this fat has to vanish first. So here I go...."Instead of giving myself reasons why I can't, I give myself reasons why I can".
Please feel free to leave any comments or recommendations on loosing weight.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Begining

So here I go trying this "blog" thing out. As I begin let me first introduce myself. My name is Isabel Valdez a 21 yr old  girl from Tampa Florida. I have been married for almost 2years to a crazy sweet puerto rican/cuban man. I am currently a  college student,as well as a full time employee for a motivational company. I am a mother of a 1yr old Minn Pin who I love to death.
My goals in life are to relax and learn to not be so uptight and enjoy this thing we call life.....
   So why am I writing this blog? Well my husband and I just recently  purchased  The Game of Life for the Wii. As we were playing I had flash backs of playing  the board game when I was a little girl. I always imagined growing up and what my life would be like.Who would I marry? Where would I live? How much money will I have? Those questions ponder in many of our minds  as we grow up! But what I realized is,  I really am in the game of life except now it's REAL! Which means REAL bills, REAL responsibilities and REAL stress!!!! And lets not forget all the REAL fun we get to have!!! So thats basically what my blog will be all about!I hope that you will choose to follow me as I play the Game of Life!