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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Begining

So here I go trying this "blog" thing out. As I begin let me first introduce myself. My name is Isabel Valdez a 21 yr old  girl from Tampa Florida. I have been married for almost 2years to a crazy sweet puerto rican/cuban man. I am currently a  college student,as well as a full time employee for a motivational company. I am a mother of a 1yr old Minn Pin who I love to death.
My goals in life are to relax and learn to not be so uptight and enjoy this thing we call life.....
   So why am I writing this blog? Well my husband and I just recently  purchased  The Game of Life for the Wii. As we were playing I had flash backs of playing  the board game when I was a little girl. I always imagined growing up and what my life would be like.Who would I marry? Where would I live? How much money will I have? Those questions ponder in many of our minds  as we grow up! But what I realized is,  I really am in the game of life except now it's REAL! Which means REAL bills, REAL responsibilities and REAL stress!!!! And lets not forget all the REAL fun we get to have!!! So thats basically what my blog will be all about!I hope that you will choose to follow me as I play the Game of Life!


  1. How is the game of life on the Wii? Should I purchase it? It's crazy how much we want to grow up when we're young. Now that we're grown we wish for just one day without any responsibilities. I look forward to reading more!!

  2. Hey the game of life is fun,plus you get 3 other games. You should get it girl right now they have a bundle at target for $40. We also like monopaply.....yea it crazt how we are all grown..remember when we use to play house? Now we get to live house haaa

  3. I LOVE your blog! You are such a good writer and I'm so glad you started this! It can be so addicting sometimes though LOL